Personal Loan for IT Employees

Personal loan is not a difficult task nowadays. some time back, when bank transaction were very critical because of lack of information about approaching for loans. Many customers who are working in IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys or any other companies in Hinjewadi or  Magarpatta City had to go to the bank branch for any kind of personal loan application in Hinjewadi or Magarpatta city. Earlier loan was provided only by loan agents in Pune. Now the time has changed.  Banks are reaching their customers online very quickly and they want to have direct relationship with them. Banks are introducing themselves directly with the customer it is creating a tough competition among the agents and DSAs. Customers are benefited in the process in the form of best offers on personal loan.

A personal loan for IT employee in Pune, a customer named Mr. Ajay Patil was working in a MNC company with a monthly income of Rs. 65 k. Mr. Patil was getting his salary credited to HDFC bank account. He had never taken any loan before that. When he came to apply for Personal loan at Dealsofloan team, the manager asked for some specific docs related to KYC norms and other financial documents.  Mr. Patil provided all the documents to the bank manager and went back to home as usual. After four days bank person called Mr. Patil for an update about the loan status.  “Congratulation Mr. Patil! Your loan has been approved for Rs. 3 Lacs for 36 month @ 15% reducing interest rates”.  Ajay got surprised as he never thought , he would get the loan so quick. The prompt follow up of DealsofLoan sales team  made it possible.

Defaulter of Personal Loan in Pune

Defaulter of Personal Loan in Pune

Nobody wants to be defaulter. It happens due to either bad circumstances or due to some system errors  occurred by delayed entry in the system. The important point to be noted is bank should intimate customers before any data sharing with CIBIL. Also they should recall the name of the customers from CIBIL database if the customer justifies the transaction or provide technical evidence to the loan provider banks. Healthy CIBIL score gives the maximum opportunity on instant loans.

Knowledge Center: We have good news for the customers living in Pune which must very helpful to avoid the situation of being defaulter of personal loan in Pune. We have launched the knowledge center cum customer care platform in Pune. This platform provide the instant help availing new loans in Pune as well as the existing loan care. We are providing help & share the knowledge for the field of the finance to all our customers. Customer can know everything about personal loan, Home Loan, Mortgage Loan, Education Loan, Car Loan and more about other loans products & programs in Pune. Here some small things for all which can be very helpful to all our customers.

  • Read Carefully all Loan Documents: Before applying for any loans,  read all the loan application related documents very carefully. Take Xerox copy of all the application documents once filled.
  • Fill the Entire Document in Presence:  Self fill all the loan disbursal documents, agreement or ask the loan providers bank guy to fill the agreement in your presence only and take a copy of all the documents as proof of evidence.
  • Check the EMI Cycle: Major of the defaults occurs on first EMI date because of lack of information of first EMI date. Banks send the EMI alert SMS to all customers and it is very helpful for all customers.
  • Always Pay the Complete Amount: Sometime when the default occurred in any of loan and customer want to repay the overdue amount, always pay the complete amount as settlement and get the payments receipts along with the all communication receipts, mails, letters etc.
  • Healthy Communication:  Always write healthy mails, letters to the concern banks and other financial service providers and keep very carefully, it will help customers when the issue goes to the consumer forum or any other dispute settlements agencies. 

So, the simplest deal is to avail Bad Credit Personal Loans from Deals of Loan at lowest interest rates.

Personal Loan Charges

Know about personal loan charges:

It is very important to know about the competition in current market. If we check the current market trends then we understand clearly about the best personal loan. Currently there are five major players available in market.  They are HDFC, CITI, Axis, ICICI & SBI. So if we are looking for the best quotes then we have to know everything about the product program, fees and other charges, interest rates offers and other parts of the banks. One very important thing from all banks is that they are offering very good rates.

Some of private sector banks are providing instant personal loans in just 24 hours and some of other financial banks are providing special discounts like zero pre closure charges anywhere in Pune. HDFC offers special program for those customers who are getting salary more than 75 thousand per month. If you are one of them then you are also eligible for this hot offer from the bank.  SBI providing the ultimate offer for personal loan as SBI Saral Personal Loan. Apart from these offers please check other charges and fees before applying.

Normally banks charge processing fees of approx 2% to 3% on personal loan, apart from the processing fees, additional service tax is added to it. Banks get the documentation charges which may be between Rs. 500 to Rs.1500 per case. Apart from this, banks charge pre closure fees on the principle outstanding loan amount and it can be go up to 4% to 5% on the outstanding principle loan amount.It can vary from bank to bank. We have the best offers from the markets and its provide zero foreclosure charges in across India. Check personal loan fees charges now.

Instant Personal loan in Pune

Pune City is the huge potential of banking branches & customers. Thousands of loans providers are available in Pune. Get all banks instant personal loan information on this platform. There are 5 to 6 types loan provider categories. They are PSU banks, private banks, Co-Operative banks, Non Banking Finance Company(NBFC), Pat Sanstha & the private lenders. We all know there are different types of borrowers category available in markets same time they get the financial services among themselves.

PSU Banks and Co-Operative banks are funding the loans with two individual loan guarantors for the loan approval. PSU banks don’t have interest rates offers of company category wise and the same policy is followed by co operative banks. Additionally co operative banks have some other blockages, they gets share amount deposited as security for providing any kind of financial services anywhere in Pune. Have a look at the best loan providers in the market.

Janata Bank: 

It is a scheduled co operative bank in India. Janata Bank having large network across Pune. Janata bank has long history in banking sector and its working very strongly in financial sector. One of the top competitor of PSU bank and other private sector bank. Huge FD base in Pune and they have owned cost of funds and lending very low interest rates. Bank provides personal loan for the customers who are working in proprietor firm and just they getting salary in bank account and salary should be more than Rs.10 thousand per month. So the best features for the lower middle class customers as any one salaried can avail the personal loan if they have two guarantors.

SBI Saral: 

The largest selling personal loan program in India. SBI Saral Personal Loan is the most trusted personal loan program and thousands of customers are applying for personal loan on dealsofloan on daily basis. It offers all related  information available on our portal. Customer must read the complete information before applying anywhere else for personal loan in Pune. Get SBI Saral personal loan in just 7 working days.

Need Personal Loan ?

Do you believe in borrowing cash from your friends or relatives when you have unpaid bills?  Does your home need renovation?  Then you would probably need to find quick cash to compensate for all these needs. Personal loans will be a perfect solution. We are one of the best loan comparison service provider portals.

Normally it is easy for someone who needs quick cash for a short period of time. It is also considered as unsecured loans because you do not need to provide any guaranty as collateral for payment. Because personal loans enable you to have access of cash within a week process the documentations and you will be availed the cash after 24 hours from approval of your application. They are considered as quick cash remedies. Personal loans are timely solutions especially when you need to get quick cash for emergency situations.  There are also online applications so you don’t need to leave your home in order to apply.

Many people opt to get loans even with low income and bad credit. In fact, you are given a chance to improve your credit score. By applying for this loan, you can improve the payment of your bills and other credit cards.  Moreover, when you repay the loan in time, you can improve your credit rating. After paying in full, you may request your personal loan lender to report your payment to a credit bureau of information limited in order to record your loan payment history.

So, it will not only be a help in times of urgent need, but will also. Since these are unsecured loans, some lenders will charge high interest rates and other fees for the risk they take. It is therefore important to borrow only what you really need and pay actually when due date arrives.

Do you want to apply for Personal Loans?

You just need to visit our website. Here are some of the requirements to qualify for the best deal of personal loan. Personal loans are available for even for low income range. The requirements include candidate being 21 years or older, being employed, and possessing an active checking account. You also need to be a legal citizen of the country and should have a stable monthly income.

The advantage of availing personal loans even with low income is that there is no need to provide any guaranty. Only a verification of the information you supply. Personal loan lenders check your credit report along with your current employer, except as verification of your employment. To speed up your approval of the loan, maximum one week will be required to complete all the loan disbursement process.